Sage Smudge Bundles

Sage Smudge Bundles


Created with love by ceremonie, our smudge sticks are hand-wrapped and all one of a kind. They will be a great addition to your meditation ceremony.

Each smudge has different flowers and herbs, thus different qualities. Contact us about your inquires and we’ll make a unique one just for you!

Sage burning is a Native American tradition which is said to clear negative energies in your aura and space.

  • Instructions for burning

    Hold the end of the smudge stick in the flame of a burning candle, or use a matchstick. You could also pick smaller parts out of the stick, and burn these individually instead.

    Allow the flame to sit for a few seconds, then blow it out gently. Let the fumes flow and spread around your safe spaces, and prepare for a fresh start and positive vibes.

    Once done with your ritual or space cleansing be sure to stub out the burning end of the sage to help it keep for longer. Put it to your ceremonie sea shell and please do not leave unattended.